I think this user perfectly sums up the purpose of this project.

I think this user perfectly sums up the purpose of this project.



This project was done for people who:

1. Go to the polyclinics often for consultation

2. For follow up sessions

3. For medical checkups or screening, e.g. blood test, x-ray


What and Why:

Users are having a hard time trying to make or change an appointment in the app. My role in this project was to redesign a better way for users to book their appointments

The goal of this project is to make it easy for users to make an appointment straight from within the app without having to make a phone call. Another goal is to allow users to do their self registration and obtain a queue number at the booth when they arrive at the polyclinic.



1.Empathize and understand

Ten users were asked to carry out tasks with the goal of making an appointment. This was to seek out the potential pain points identified by the users.

The tasks undertook by the users to make an appointment:

1.Login via SingPass

2.Select Profile

3.Make new appointment

4.Choose clinics

5.Fill in medical conditions, symptoms,

6.Select service, and contact


After the usability test, I created a persona to reflect the user that I will be designing for. An empathy map based on the persona was also created to better empathise with the user based on their behaviour and attitudes. 








2.Defining the problems:

  • Users should be able to make appointments all by themselves without the need to call up the clinics for help.
  • Users should be informed by the app the clinics and hospitals that are directly under SingHealth
  • Unnecessary filling in of forms and logins should be eliminated
  • User should be able to navigate around the app without issue
  • Better awareness of where user is in the app
  • App shouldn’t ask for information such as phone number or email address after users have logged in via SingPass. SingPass already has all those details.



 1.On-boarding of app's functions

Users will be brought onboard of what they can do in the app.

2.One-time login with SingPass

Once onboarding is done, users will be asked to login via their SingPass. This will only be done once. Since the government has already pushed for all citizens to sign up for SingPass by a certain timeframe, they wouldn’t have to create one from the app.

3.Improved navigation and awareness

Navigation of the app will be streamlined to 5 tabs at the bottom navigation bar, making it easy for users to navigate and know where they are in the app.

4. Linear style booking for appointments

The more choices you put on a screen, the longer the users are going to take to get things done. Linear style booking allows them to focus on bite-sized interactions at a time.

5. Book, change and cancellation of appointment for polyclinics

Users will be able to change or cancel their appointment at will without calling up the polyclinic

6. Beat the queue and register straight away at the booth

If users have booked for an appointment online, let them be able to self-register for a queue number at the clinic’s electronic booth.

7. Patient’s journey flow in the clinic

Once queue number has been obtained, users will be a given a flow of their day at the clinic, e.g. which room to go for specific checkup.

Two design options

Option 1: Users would choose their preferred clinic on 1 screen and then date and time on another screen.

Option 2: Users choose a date and then the app to show all the clinics and their time slots.


My hypothesis was that users would tend to choose their desired polyclinic followed by the time slots since they would always want to choose a clinic closest to their workplace or homes, thus there isn’t a need to show every polyclinic’s time slots.


 I did a A/B testing to validate if the hypothesis is true.

On a low-fi wire framing prototype, 7 out of 10 users actually preferred the option of listing out all the clinics and time slots. Users said the following:

  1. I like being able to see all the time slots

  2. An overview of the time slots seem better for me to browse through

  3. I can skip one step without having to go through two screens


Testing validated that the hypothesis wasn’t true, users DO prefer to see all the slots and polyclinics that are available. Option 2 was chosen as a solution instead.