I started taking photos back in 2012. Long exposure and architecture photos inspired me greatly back then; especially long exposure of seascapes, patterns and lines found in buildings. 

As of now, I am moving towards film photography because it makes me appreciate the craft more, and I also simply adore the colours produced by film.    

I am also interested in the world of technology, particularly in the area of user interface design and the importance of user experience in a product or services. 

Although, I love technology, I can be seen around with a old mechanical film camera instead of the latest camera the industry has to offer. I always find that old film cameras' design are timeless, and they were built by people who were truly passionate about photography and what they were building. These people thought hard about the design, and were truly concerned about building a camera that photographers would trust and enjoy using. I think they have succeeded in that.


James Teo

(Singapore +65)

Email: jamesteokj@gmail.com